Sponsorship Program Background

EKAMA Development Foundation has been implementing a sponsorship programme since 2016, the programme supports 100 public primary school pupils, in ten schools in Temeke and Kigamboni Districts, Dar es Salaam Tanzania. According to a research study that EKAMA Development Foundation undertook in 2015, Temeke and Kigamboni are lowest income areas with high poverty rates in Dar Es Salaam. The rate of violence against children is also quite high. The study reveals that; there is high prevalence of poverty in households whereby households are struggling and failed to provide three basic meals to their children. The situation leads to children school drop outs and retention, consequently failures of children to have an equal opportunity to acquire free education in public primary schools.

The 2016 implemented sponsorship programme is governed by the sponsorship policy (SERA YA KUFADHILI WANAFUNZI WANAOISHI KATIKA MAZINGIRA MAGUMU). The policy was developed by EDF and sponsored school administrations. From 2016 to date the policy remained to be the primary document guiding the manner and mode of implementing sponsorship program including how the selection of vulnerable children is done. The programme was implemented following the 2015 baseline study on prevalence of violence against children due to some of parents are unable to work because of old age, physical disabilities, as well as victims of HIV/AIDS in Temeke District. The study which was conducted by EDF revealed high levels of violence committed to children in Temeke and Kigamboni which in turn affected their attendance and retention in schools. Part of the reason for absenteeism and drop out was due to children lacking basic necessities to enable them attend classes. These included, meals, exercise books, uniforms, shoes, stationery and health insurance.