Research, documentation and policy analysis
Researching on issues affecting women and children in development; documentation and dissemination of research and undertaking policy dialogue aimed at enhancing change in policy, legislation and programmes on women and children

RTI International ( is one of the world’s leading independent, not-for-profit research institutes. With over 3,800 staff providing research and technical services to governments, research organizations, and businesses throughout the world, RTI has implemented more than 12,000 client-funded research and international development projects in over 70 countries. RTI has the financial, managerial, and personnel systems to effectively handle complex international work.

RTI has been working in Africa for more than 40 years and has a corporate regional office in Nairobi, Kenya that supports projects in the region. Dr. Lyungai Mbilinyi, the proposed Project Director, is a Native of Tanzania with an extensive network of partnerships in government, non-government, and private sectors. Her strong networks within Tanzania will help ensure the involvement and participation of strong, local partners needed to achieve the project goals. Dr. Mbilinyi also has 18 years of experience conducting gender based violence research, including of Tanzanian immigrants in the US experiencing domestic and sexual violence.

RTI also has extensive experience in trafficking in persons for both sex and labor. RTI has directed several trafficking projects funded by both the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Administration for Children and Families. Dr. Barrick, the proposed co-PD, is currently directing research on the labor trafficking of migrant farmworkers for NIJ. Her prior research on trafficking has included seeking to understand law enforcement perceptions of labor trafficking in their communities. Dr. Barrick has also participated in expert working groups on trafficking research convened by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and NIJ.

Justin Dawson was a Department of Justice prosecutor for 8 years, he spent 4 years in El Salvador working with the Attorney General’s office and national police to train and implement new investigation and prosecution techniques, as well as develop better relationships between the two law enforcement agencies. The areas of training focused on gang-related crimes, including trafficking in persons, drugs, murder and extortion. Dr. Robert Ssengozi has decades of experience leading multi-million-dollar research projects in Africa.

Edwin Muga, is a country project coordinator, he holds Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Dar es salaam. Before joining Research Triangle institute (RTI) he worked as consultant in various NGOs in and outside Dar es salaam and an assistant Lecturer at Tumaini University Dar es salaam college where he has been teaching Human Rights Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Torts & Insurance Law. His specialized areas of practice include Human Rights Law, International Law, International Criminal Law, Cyber Crimes Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Law of torts, and Immigration & Refugee Law. He has been involved in conducting research and consultancies on Child Rights, Gender Based Violence, (GBV), Violence against Children (VAC), Policy analysis and review, Human rights laws and constitutional reforms.