Research and Advocacy

The Research and Advocacy Department was established with purpose to conduct research in areas affecting women, children and youth in social justice, culture, political rights and participation and economic development. The department closely cooperation with local government, communities, religion leader and Local traditional leaders they have succeeded in conducting research in different Region in Tanzania based in zone like Dar es Salaam (HQ), Dodoma, Manyara, Mara and Kigoma
(Based in Kibondo). Moreover the department has been capable to apply and conduct consultancy works relying on gender analysis of the Tanzania land sector the case of Dodoma, Iringa, Morogoro, Manyara and Arusha. Another consultancy work was based in Iringa, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Unguja and Pemba, the department was required to conduct gender analysis and audit.

Recognizing the many challenges women and children are experiencing, the research unit has prioritized the following areas; gender-based violence (GBV) and violence against children (VAC), reproductive health and HIV/AIDS, climate change and political empowerment of women.
In addition to those functions, the unit is also involved in; capacity building on research and advocacy skills; mentoring on research and identifying legal, policy and other social issues affecting gender equity/equality and specifically women and children; proposals for research and advocacy; using our findings to document good practices and lesson learnt on VAC/GBV related projects, identify areas for policy improvements, linking stakeholders through workshops, dissemination, research and advocacy. The unit works hand in hand with the Gender and Children Departments, and consultants.

Established Student Field Internship
In July 2019 EDF started to engage students from Universities as interns. The newly introduced internship position is programmed to persist every year. EDF expects to receive interns who are in the field of project management, Statistics, Community development, Social work, sociology, Law, Human resources, Finance and Psychology. Before interns start to do their field practical studies research and advocacy department in collaboration with other department has been conducting interviews and select the competent interns who can join EDF for field practical studies.
Research and advocacy department succeeded to prepare internship manual. For the year 2019 interns from University of Dar es Salaam who were in their compulsory field practical placement were engaged with the aim of supporting them to fulfil their learning journey, increase their work skills and network as well as expose them to community works. Interns terms of references (TOR) includes; meetings, dialogues, training and workshops planning, data collection, data clearing and data entry, data analysis, report writing, and presentation.
At the end of their placement, intern’s performance was assessed, and ranked according to fulfilment of the TOR and reports were successfully sent to the respective University. EDF awarded each student with certificate of successfully field placement completion.

partnership with

EDF has partnered with Forum CC in the area of climate change, mitigation and adaptation. EDF partnership encompasses advocating for gender mainstreaming and gender sensitization in climate change projects, empowering women’s involvement in renewable energy and recycling of waste products activities, and build capacity of stakeholders and institutions in gender mainstreaming.
In 2019 Forum CC designed a learning alliance for Dar es Salaam (DSM) stakeholders. The Dar es Salaam Learning Stakeholder’s Alliance (DSLA) first meeting was conducted at EDF offices on 22nd November 2019 with more than 20 members’ participants. DSLA activities includes engage in dialogues, meetings, workshops, research, trainings, capacity building, advocacy and commemoration of national, regional and international climate change events.