The M&E Programmer : is an interdependent department that contributes in every other departments of the organization by dealing with every project’s field work that is to be undertaken by those departments.

1. Implementation of monitoring and evaluation for all projects undertaken by the organizational departments, the M&E department has undertaken several evaluations in the organization such as;
i. Child department’s project.

ii. Gender department (empowerment of women).

iii. Sponsorship department.

2. Analyzing and Documentation of the project’s effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.
3. Attempting to calls for evaluations by other organizations in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

The M&E department has played a vital role ensuring that EDF projects are monitored and evaluated effectively. Apart from monitoring and evaluating EDF projects, the department has been searching and applying external call for evaluations and proposals form other NGOs. Also preparation of concept notes which are to be conducted in Tanzania mainland, Zanzibar and outside the country.
By the year 2020 the department has managed to monitor the progress of the project(a community based approach in preventing violence against children in schools, community and families), women entrepreneurship empowerment program and sponsorship project. Moreover the department has successfully conducted the documentation of these projects by analyzing findings, challenges, good practices and recommendations. (the documents are attached below)

Photo of students answering questionnaires at Temeke primary school.