The Ekama Foundation largely work for disadvantaged children and women in order to bring about positive changes in their lives through the creation of social, cultural and educational environment targeted to meet the needs of the local community, which consists on the preservation of their rights and empowerment in order to enhance their sense of belonging, safety, self-confidence, self-awareness and advocate for their rights- enhance their ability to
make integrated and right decisions through the many and varied programs (such as trainings) that help them to physically, psychologically and intellectually grow and thrive.

EKAMA interventions focus on five main thematic areas, advocacy programme, capacity building, research, documentation and policy analysis, training and sponsorship programme. EKAMA uses gender transformative approaches in its interventions that addresses multi-sectoral issues that affects children and works in partnership with multi-level organizations including Ministries of Health, community development, gender and elderly, Local Government Authorities (LGAs), Religious Organizations, Women’s Groups, Schools and Private sector especially CSOs.