EKAMA is a development organization that focuses on empowering women and promoting rights of children including protecting children from all forms of violence. We therefore follow a human rights based approach method of empowerment and a child rights-based approach for programming on children. Child protection is one of our key priority intervention areas. Apart from working with schools, local government, Government ministries, Religious Institutions, Philanthropic Organizations, CSOs and UN and Bilateral donors, we also target youth groups and women’s groups as key stakeholders in advocating for prevention of violence against women and children. One of the key approaches is the engagement of schools as entry points. The school based approach is based on a model that promotes the voices of children and a healthy relationship between teachers, students, parents, local government and other institutions, the school environment is continuously monitored so that it is violent free, and children feel safe and secure.

We believe there is a lot of potential and power in women and young people in the campaign to change the attitudes, behavior and practices within the institutions, community and in households. They can also play a key role in mobilizing community support for violence prevention and promote gender equality. If the power to voice in children is unleashed through capacity building interventions and if they are facilitated to be their own source of change, they could make a significant difference and children are an instrumental and central part of the change process.

EKAMA Development Foundation was established in 2006 focusing on rights of women and children, governance and environment. Our main work is in the research, Advocacy, Sponsorship programme, documentation and capacity building. We have a consultancy wing whose purpose is to generate income for selected activities. The NGO has been registered with registration number 00NGO/00006560.

Ekama development foundation is an NGO, which is located in Dar es Salaam at Kijitonyama area.  The organization works closely with women groups in administering its goals on GBV and VAC prevention for children in and out of school.

Through success achievements in the past years,  the organization operates a branch in Kibondo district in Kigoma region. The organization promotes the empowering of adolescents and young women to access sexual reproductive health services, early pregnancy and fight against gender-based violence. The organization aims to provide support to adolescents (in and out of school) to access information and better services on sexual reproductive health. Also, the organization empowers young women and the community to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in the society.