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My name is Sialeo john Mbuyekule (not real name) I am 17 years old, I was born on 13/10/2003 in Nengo village, Biturana ward, at Kibondo district in Kigoma region. I studied my primary education in Nabuhima primary school, after completing my primary school I was selected to join Kumwambu secondary school in the Kibondo district.

Our family consists of seven children, 5 girls, and 2 boys. I am the first child, the second child named Adelina is 15 years old, the third child is named January 12 years old, the fourth child Rehema is 10 years old, the fifth child is called Jacabo is 7 years old, the sixth child is named Agency is 4 years old and the last one is called Azina is 2 years old.

When I got on 6th grade, our grandfather through us out from his house were we lived with both our parents, my father didn’t say anything, I, my siblings and my mother we left and went to my grandfather who I the father of my mother,  he gave my mother a small plot of land, my mother worked hard as a labourer  to earn money and build a house of two rooms for us to settle in.

My father remained and remarried another woman, now we hear he has four children but those children I do not know and I have never seen them. Form my father we are 11 and to my mother we are 7. When we grew up my family and I grew up living close to my mother’s siblings. I was able to study up to form 1 at Kumwambu secondary school, with my uncle chiza who we lived close with at the time I was in form 1 my uncle was in form 3 at the same school.

My uncle used to give me money but I didn’t know where he got that money from, one day my uncle Chiza told me to have sex with him. I was very upset because he was my uncle, I refused his request, one day my mother asked me to go to the market  on my way back I met my uncle and started to harass me and saying way I declined his offer of sleeping with him and  started to beat me I couldn’t scream because he was my uncle, I thought it would be meaningless to scream and when people my come and see he is my uncle they might not care , when he was beating me he pushed me aside the road and raped me it was evening not many people pass that road.

After few weeks I discovered that I was pregnant and I told my mother about it and the man responsible, my mother was surprised and he comforted my uncles’ father about it, but he denied it saying that his son can’t do such a thing and the rest of the relatives were all at chiza’s side that he isn’t responsible. Due to the situation my mother went to school and told the teacher the whole scenario, Chiza was called by the headmistress, he denied knowing me and being responsible for the pregnancy, the teacher told us to write letters and explain the scenario, on the letter Chiza admitted being responsible of the child but, he can’t admit it on words, the teacher told us to go and solve the issue at family because the father responsible is my uncle, when we went home chiza’s father started to beat my mother and said that he destroyed his son’s future and if the child will be born and won’t look like chiza he will kill all the family, starting with her and finish with me and my siblings.

The threat scared my mother and she wanted to report the case in the police and social welfare offices but Chiza’s father said if we go to report the case in police, he will kill my mother and all my younger siblings and I will be evicted at home.

At school the board meeting seat and decided to expel both of us from school, thank God the nine months ended and I was able to deliver my child health, the first people to come to see me at the hospital was chiza’s father  and his relatives so as to check if the child is real looking like chiza, when they saw my child she looked completely like his father, they were ashamed and Chiza’s father went to ask my mother for forgiveness for beating her and saying all those horrible words to her and he will be providing child support

when he get but he still insisted that if we report he will destroy the whole family. But from that day up to date I have never seen him or anything from him.

After giving birth, chiza come home with his mistress claiming the child to be raised by his mistress. I and my mother denied the fact of him wanting to raise my child with his mistress, my mother said that we will raise the child on our own.

My mother is remarried but she always come home to take care of us and in the evening, she goes back to her husband, so in the house I remain with my siblings and my daughter, my mother decided to remarry because where we live is not enough for all of us to fit in. Life is tough for us because we only depend on mother and she does not have any permanent work rather than waiting for labours from others and it is not that she can get the work every day, and I don’t have any job, so it is hard to take care of the family to survive and especially my child who needs a lot of support.

Anna knows the EKAMA project when we formed the teenager mother club for training of GBV and SRHR. In Ekama project Sialeo learned gender-based violence, sexual violence, family planning, life skills in HIV/ADS, STD’S and entrepreneurship skills. After entrepreneurship training, she acquired the skills to make soap. She received counselling program to relieve her mental state, after received financial support from EDF she started a small business. She is currently engaged in small entrepreneurship selling vegetables, Sialeo’s future plan to take care her family and improve the financial status.