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Case Story 1


Tryphon Asheri is 23 years old born on 9th September 1997 at kumwambu village in Kibondo district within Kigoma region. he lives in a family of 7 children, 3 girls and 4 boys and their father. he attended his education at Biturana secondary school and able to reach form 3. In November, 2020 his mother passed away after getting sick for a long time and since then, they have been depending on their father for his moral guidance.

His family depends on him, because his 3 siblings (2 boys and 1 girl) aged 18,16 and 14 years who are still in school at kwizera primary school. He has a duty to provide them with basic needs and other school necessities. He has faced different challenges in his life, for instance loosing his mother, not being able to accomplish his education dream due to poverty in his family and least, guiding his young brother who has quitted school, balancing his time at work and yet take care of his siblings, doing house chores before leaving for work and managing his drunk father who has been an addict to local drinks where he spends most of his time there.

His father was not ready to support him in his academic issues. “I remember being bullied at school due to torn uniforms or sometimes being suspended due to lack of tuition fees before the late president Magufuli had introduced the free education system. I could have books and other reading materials like my friends, therefore I used to lend from friends”. He only received help from his mother before her death who tried but could not meet all the requirements. His siblings lack parental guidance from their father who is not at home mostly during the day. He has a young sister who got married at the age of 14 after one month when their mother passed away. He heard the news that she travelled to Dodoma region but they regularly communicate. “she is still young to overcome such kind of responsibilities in life”. He believes that his younger brother who quitted school was bewitched that he can barely recognize himself or think perfectly. “he looks like a mad person sometimes.”

He now works at a barber shop. He does not get enough time to spend with his siblings because the shop is usually closed at 22:00 hours. They lack a person who could guide them and support them for instance, helping them with home works and cooking for them a good meal. Sometimes, he gets afraid that they might lose track like he did. He has always been struggling on his own and never received any help from any person.

He was informed by the village executive officer in kumwambu village where he resides, that there was an organization that was offering knowledge support for youth members on issues of sexual reproduction and gender-based violence. He then visited their office and got registered and he was able to join the youth out of school club in January,2021. “I was lucky to be chose as a peer educator for my group. I was able to learn on different issues such as, youth safety, reproductive rights and the use of contraceptives.”

He has benefited a lot from the organization in general and mostly from the youth out of school club. Before he had joined the club, he was not aware of how to control his body or understand the changes through the adolescent period. It was only when he had joined the club, that he realized of different methods such as using of family planning for my partner, knowing much about STIs and HIV.

Tryphon believes that he has made progress since he joined the club,” I can now talk to my girlfriend before having sex or visit health care institution for any advice.” He knows of the negative side of peer pressure, the impacts of violence but he uses the same knowledge to his siblings and friends during the club sessions.  But before EDF introduced the program in Kibondo district, Tryphon had earlier joined an organization named cash price for a two-week session, that provided similar knowledge to youth in August 2020.

Since he is employed at the barber shop, he can now pay for his siblings needs and provide a daily meal to his family. “it is not constant that you will have many customers for a day or week and I only get paid per head. Therefore, sometimes I fail meet my plans” He works to save money and be able to open up his own barber shop and keep his family safe. With an experience of 2 years now on his job, he believes that if he would be supported with enough capital to start his own business and accomplish his dream.